F608 Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 500
Ambidextrous beech stock with right-hand action Combines easy handling with proved Feinwerkbau quality and precision at a favourable price Detachable cylinder with gauge Includes sights with M.18 foresight Cheek piece and butt plate is right / left symmetrical and adjustable in height Only weighs: 3.2 kgs
F618 Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 UNIVERSAL
A less expensive laminated wood version with the successfull technical design of the 800 series Single cylinder with end-gauge Cheek piece is pivoted and adjustable in height Butt plate is adjustable for length, height, inclinable, upper part can be pivoted and lower part separately adjustable in height and rotation Stock has mounted rail for accessories such as hand stop Additional parts can added to convert into bench rest Available right-hand or as a true left-hand rifle
F625 / F625-R Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 X
A brand-new alloy stock design with one rear end lateral articulation around a top pivot point, just behind the rearsight and another just before the rising cheek piece The latter also has provision for vertical height adjustment A similar pivot has also been introduced to the load lever such that it may be stepped even further out from the action Cheek piece and butt plate smoothly adjustable by the use of adjustable pinion/racks Hand rest fully adjustable for height, pivoted and adjusted longitudinally Match trigger with trigger stop A new regulator design nullifies any movement at shot release and creates a much smoother follow through New attractive contrasting silver and black stock finish with a pivoting fore-end support Variable 4 stage sight raisers front and back Supplied in lockable case, with adaptor, instructions, tools, bleed adaptor and complimentary Feinwerkbau sticker Black F625-R Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 X - red Same as the F625 but with contrasting red, laminated cheek piece and pistol grip
F627 / F628-R Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 ALU - black
Same innovative design and technological features as the 800 X, but without the skeletal stock and pivotable rear stock F628-R Feinwerkbau 800 Alu - red Same as the F627 but with contrasting red, laminated cheek piece and pistol grip
F629 / F629L / F624R / F624L Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 W
Highlighted features: Exclusive stock of solid wood (walnut) for an outstanding surface feel and an even better control of the shooting performance as well a flat-shaped front stock - allowing possible adjusting range of the hand support within the parameter compliant to rules Also available in black and plywood orange
F680 / F681 Feinwerkbau pre-charged rifle 800 Evolution
A design introduced to meet customer demand for a match air rifle with a little more individual appeal Butt plate adjustable longitudinally and is inclinable Cheek piece adjustable in height Barrel sleeve made from aluminium   Lighter overall at only 3.6 kgs Equipped with the latest absorber, pressure reducing system and supplied with sights F681  Feinwerkbau 800 Evolution  TOP Same system technology as the 800 Evolution, but equipped with more favourable accessories  More adjustments available to cheek piece, butt plate and hand rest Also available with natural wooden grip and cheek piece
F685 Feinwerkbau model 800 X Field Target
The 800 X Field Target comes with all the benefits of the model 800 X series but designed specifically for field target Available as a 15 or 20.4 Joule version Hand rest adjustable in length and pivoted Anatomical grip made out of beech and adjustable three-dimensionally Specially designed butt plate which is adjustable in height, length, incline, upper part is pivotable and the hook is adjustable F685-B 800 Field Target Basic Incorporating the latest 800 system which gives all the new advantages combined with a pickled beech stock