589 Two stage front sight for Walther GSP
Foresight blade adjustable between 8mm (precision) and 9mm (duel) Precision levels of repetitive adjustment through the use of precise, mechanical, spring loaded lock in mechanism Durable and robust aluminium construction Anodised in matt black to prevent any unwanted reflections or glare
W1200 & W1202 GSP Expert .22lr standard pistol
Balance and weight design are the same as pistols above 1000grms two-stage trigger interchangeable with 1360grms Rearsight positioned over wrist for alignment and accuracy Movable barrel weights (2 x 17grms) help compensate recoil Grips as W1250 & W1252 above W1200 right-hand       W1202 left-hand
W1206 & W1208 GSP Expert .32 S & W long
Considerable improvement in accuracy because of a new barrel system and a vibration-absorbing plastic sleeve Sights positioned closer to the wrist which reduces aiming errors Ergonomic laminated wood grip, blue / beige Nitro-carbonized breech reduces friction of breech movement even when rapid series are fired Perfect tuning through newly developed recoil absorber Available as right-hand or left-hand version Three different grip sizes for right-handed shooters (for left-hand shooters only size "M") Conversion units available Delivered in plastic carry case with accessories W1206 right-hand      W1208 left-hand
W1216 & W1218 GSP .32 & 22 conversion kits
Easily converts one calibre to the other W1216 conversion to .22lr       W1218 conversion to .32 S & W Long
W1220 Magazine
Cal. .22l.r. For SSP 5-shot
W1224 Barrel weight
65grms For GSP .22l.r. and .32 S&W, for barrel length 107mm
W1228 Magazine
Cal. .22l.r. For GSP EXPERT 5-shot
W1229 Magazine
Cal. .32 S&W For GSP EXPERT 5-shot
W1250 & W1252 SSP .22lr standard pistol
New design to improve balance with pneumatic damping system against recoil Extremely light construction (970grms only) Protouch 3D right-hand grip in S, M or L, left-hand is M only W1250 right-hand       W1252 left-hand
W1253 Walther standard pistol model SSP-E
Wear-free operation and exact trigger settings over many years Choice between adjustable two-stage mode and direct trigger mode Realistic dry-firing conditions (dry-firing trigger) Rechargeable battery Rechargeable via mini-USB from any PC or charger Charging time for 100 rounds: approx. 1 min Total charging time: approx. 90 min Number of rounds that can be fired with one battery charge: approx. 6,000 LED indicators for system readiness and battery charge level Automatic E-trigger turnoff when not in use