5018 & 5022 Foresight iris adaptors
Our new foresight irises with a small mark between the two limits-of-adjustment (1) accept our thread adaptors The flat face of the iris can be unscrewed (2) and an adaptor inserted (3) for use of other accessories 5018 for M.18 & M.17 irises to fit a lens (4), screen, anti-glare tube (5) or level (6) 5022 for M.22 irises
553 553 Gehmann rearsight anti-glare tube and polarisation filters
Screws onto the front of any rearsight Adjustable twin polarisation filters allow infinite control of incoming light across the whole sight picture With M.18 internal thread for attachment of further accessories
554 Rearsight anti-glare tube
Rearsight anti-glare tube incorporating an adjustable iris Iris mounted so that it can be moved 2mm over 360° for centralising to the eye
555-Z Centering unit for 55559 and 559 (new version) rearsight anti-glare tubes
Ideal supplement addition to our anti-glare tube range, featuring external and internal thread (M.18) to accept iris (55552), polariser (55553) or element holder (55546) below Our new 555-Z has been produced to do the same job as 55552 and 55546 when it comes to their ability to be able to move within their mounts but with much more precision when adjusting the height and side Internal thread for attachment of foresight elements 542 and 546 or colour filter 54318 and easy clamping in combination with shortened retaining ring (55518) Adjustment range: height: 4mm, side: 2mm Maximum adjustment track using our element holder (55546) in combination with our movement adaptor (55500): height: 8mm, side: 6mm Accurate lock-in adjustment of height and/or side through knurled setting screws (including screw lock against undesired assembly) Laser engraved scaling for fine tuning of the height and side Manufactured out of aluminium and anodised in matt black to prevent unwanted reflection and/or glare, weight: only 18.5grms, length: 24mm
55500 Extra 2mm movement adaptor
Permits an extra 2mm movement within its body with M.18 internal thread, length: 7mm
55546 M.18 element holder to suit 55559
M.18 perspex element holder with M.18 internal thread for 55518 (extra), length: 14mm
55552 Iris to suit 55559
Movable within its mount, length: 12mm
55553 Polariser to suit 55559
Polariser is adjustable with M.18 internal thread, length: 12mm
55559 Special rearsight anti-glare tube
2014 sees a brand-new set of interconnecting rearsight tubes designed to build from the front of your rearsight. The use of anti-glare tubes can make achieving the perfect head position difficult due to your head being further away from the rearsight. With the use of 555-Z and 55552 you can adjust the centre line of the rearsight, therefore ensuring your eye line is central to the foresight even if your head isn't. The new design incorporates a fluted neck which enables the tube to be secured to sights such as Anschütz which have their optical tube recessed within the sight body (adaptor needed for Feinwerkbau models) Rotatable & internally threaded far end which enables the tube to be locked into position but still able to be rotated independantly, this means you can then attach all the other elements in series due to that all the components are threaded in the same way and can be added or subtracted from your assembly, length: 57mm
556-25, 556-35 und 556-50 Rearsight anti-glare tubes
Extra small in varying lengths Can be threaded together to make even more varying lengths (1) Can be used as a rearsight extension (2) 556-25: 25 mm 556-35: 35 mm 556-50: 50 mm
558 Foresight anti-glare tube
Push-fits to earlier irises without internal threading (1) Screws internally to M.18 items (2) but needs 5018 collar for our M.18 foresight irises (3) Screws internally to our M.18 and M.22 foresight lenses
558-22 Foresight anti-glare tube
For our M.22 foresight accessories All our foresight irises will need 5022 collar Our M.22 lenses accept 558 direct or 558-22 with 5022 collar Push-fits to our earlier irises without the internal thread
559 Rearsight anti-glare tube
Directly attaches to the front of your rearsight to focus the eye on the foresight and target picture Now with threaded far end for attachment of other accessories Fluted neck for easier fitment (adaptor needed for Feinwerkbau models)
559-A Adaptor for 559 + 55559
Adaptor for 559 + 55559 and all 556 tubes when used with Anschütz rearsight diopter, Tec-Hro, Hämmerli, also usable as an anti-glare tube
559-F Adaptor for 559 + 55559
Adaptor for 559 + 55559 and all 556 tubes when used with Feinwerkbau rearsight units