854 Forend Rest MAXIMUM
Specially developed for high demanding bench rest shooting Suitable for all common sporting weapons Simple to fix on the UIT railLight, very robust full metal construction (steel/aluminium)  Round bars for safe support All dimensions in compliance to DSB rulesMaximum settings: Height continuously adjustable (35-40mms)Infinitely variable adjustment to the stock shape Canting individually adjustable Additional longitudinal adjustment of the complete forend rest up to a maximum of 40mmsWeight only 280grms
842 Rearsight extension base
An extension base mount for use on standard size receiver rails Allows the use of target sights on rifles without standard receiver rails Has a measured sight-mounting dovetail Double clamps for secure attachment to your receiver Matt black alloy Further extension can be achieved by using our anti-glare tubes: 556-25, 556-35 and 556-50
705 Gehmann torque wrench
A tool no shooter should be without Supplied with 4 bits: SW.2.5, SW.3, SW.4 and SW.5mm Adjustable from 4 - 12 Nm Oxidation free and suitable for a lifetime's use Spare bits available: 706 5/16" bit (8mm) (image 2) 706SC Screwdriver bit (image 3)
589 Two stage front sight for Walther GSP
Foresight blade adjustable between 8mm (precision) and 9mm (duel) Precision levels of repetitive adjustment through the use of precise, mechanical, spring loaded lock in mechanism Durable and robust aluminium construction Anodised in matt black to prevent any unwanted reflections or glare
866-N Gehmann tool kit
A rubber grip tool with magnetic bit-holder, in a rigid case The perfect handy tool kit to keep in your shooting bag Hexagonal bits: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0 Philips pattern: 1, 2 & 3 (cross slot bits) Pozi-drive bits: 1, 2 & 3 (cross slot bits) Screwdriver bits: 4, 5.5 & 8
835 Gehmann alloy butt pad
Vertically adjustable Unbelievably priced alloy butt plate assembly Laser engraved indications
844-R Extension rail for 844 above
152mm extension rail with laser engraved indications for 844 multi-height base sets Replacement top-plate provides sight rail extension Preferred position can be individually chosen Height: 5mm 844-RA Anschütz 844-RF Feinwerkbau 844-RW Walther
288 Senior's shooting rest
Designed for the German senior's disciplines with vertical support column and a marked scale carrying a support arm for the rifle to sit on Large, easy to use adjusting wheel for preferred height setting Rigid U-frame base can be permanently installed Lightweight but stable alloy construction Length: 87cms - weight: 3200grms
206 Universal air pistol support
Pistol base plate for bench resting an air pistol Base plate articulates in front of the base of your grip against a lower arm which in turn allows angular setting of the front arm which clamps to the pistol cylinder - this allows for cant The clamp fits all cylinders with a diameter from 28 to 32mm Weighs only 190grms
858 Alloy fore-end support wedge
Fits fore-end rail with radially adjustable clamp Spacer discs can be inserted into one end to allow rake angles of varying degrees for rifles with sloping fore-ends Suitable for use with nearly all rifle stocks with rail attachment I.S.S.F. maximum width compliant Up and down position possible