593 Sight canting system
Patented design gives identical cant to front and rear sight Comprises base for the rearsight and a new foresight Rear base swings radially round receiver / bore-line and the foresight round the bore-line Elimintaes parallax problems associated with cant at the rearsight only 593A Anschutz 593 Feinwerkbau As long as stock lasts  
597 I.S.S.F. crossover rearsight prism
For shooters with one defective eye wishing to shoot with the other Completely waterproof with an external lens at either end for water and dust protection Centre to centre sight line displacement of 65mm gives no physical change to the sight picture but does require use of a larger than usual aperture Attachment is direct to a standard 1" sight disc - or if using one of our shorter irises, via 597A - or a longer iris, via 597B A 1" knurled outer ring is used nearest the eye for attaching an eyeshield or eyecup
597A Cradle - for 597
Fits 510, 510-S, 550, 566, 566-R, 566-S, 567, 569, 563, 565, 500, 501MC and 512MC
597B Cradle - for 597
Longer overall for 530, 551, 570, 570-R, 575, 564, 568, 568MC, 544MC, 545MC and 546MC
857-N Offset adjustable high sight bases
Offset adjustable high sight bases for shooters wishing to shoot with the opposite eye to their firing position Suitable for left- and right-hand shooters The sight-line bases have graduated steel horizontal rods with engraved marks which can be adjusted laterally from 2.5 to 6.5cm and guarantee optimum aiming results even with differing eye distances Fine lateral adjustment of the rearsight and foresight bases can be achieved with a knurled screw 4 x spacer and screw sets (4 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm, 4 x 4mm and 4 x 8mm) permit vertical elevation up to 28mm in 1mm increments and / or can compensate for rifle cantation Weighs only 185grms Supplied in an aluminium carry case Fits all current sports shooting weapons (includes spacer rod for use with Walther dovetails) Made in Germany from high quality materials