518 'Clearview'- see-through iris surround
Our best see-through sight with giant 28mm clearview panel which enables you to read windflags whilst still on aim 0.8 - 2.4mm front-mounted iris can also be used with colour filters, a polariser and an anti-glare tube all filters having modification to provide improved weather protection 28mm screw-in colour filters are available  Once set the sight is locked with the front-side lever which completely eliminates shift in your aimpoint Large elevation and windage knobs provide easy adjustment Bullet shift: 1.5mm per click at 50 metres 0.3mm per click at 10 metres Includes foresight raising block matching increased rearsight height
518-F Iris filters
518-FGR - green 518-FGE - yellow Fits 518 and 540
518-U & 540-U 'Clearview' filters
518-UGE - yellow - 28mm for 518 only 518-UDG - grey - 28mm for 518 only 540-UGR - green - 20mm for 540 only 540-UGE - yellow - 20mm for 540 only
540 'Champion' rearsight
Extremely robust and compact construction, made with top quality mechanical precision components, turned or milled from the best possible materials, no parts have been cast  18mm clearview panel enables the shooter to read windflags while still on aim and without changing the head position The fine threaded stainless steel spindles for vertical and lateral adjustment work with two strong laterally positioned spring packs, that are totally free from play and cant The iris on the see-through rearsight (adjustment range 0.8 – 2.4mm) is detachable from the front with an enclosed special tool and positioned axially or installed reversed wherever wanted within the tunnel. The distance between the shooters eye and iris can therefore be regulated individually. Another significant improvement has been achieved with the clearview panel. It now features a threaded steel ring which provides better protection against the tension on the glass panel while adjusting the position of the iris. The tunnels full length fine thread allows the eyeshield and environment filter to be attached A thread on the front side of the rearsight iris enables the attachment of central filters and further additional accessories such as colour and polarization filters as well as anti-glare tubes Bullet shift: 1.0mm per click at 50m Made in Germany
540-A Adaptor
Adaptor to enable the use of all standard threaded rearsights (M 9.5x1) togehter with rearsight 540
590 'Compact' rearsight
The most economical precision rearsight in the world ! Manufactured to Gehmann quality but sold at a most affordable price Very short base with strong double base clamps and stainless steel clamp screws suitable for all types of rifle Precision machined from solid aluminium Short mounting rail allows for maximum sight movement in use with all lengths of iris attachments Long thread tunnel enables use of all irises and anti-glare tubes Large elevation and windage knobs for easy adjustment even in the cold Attractive but hard wearing matt black finish Bullet shift: 1.5mm per click at 50 metres 0.3mm per click at 10 metres
590-B Biathlon-Rearsight
Spring-assisted vertical and lateral adjustment ensures accurate repetitions and higher shock resistance 0.04mm adjustment range per click (0.8 incline at 20 clicks) to suit the needs of a biathlete Bullet shift per click at 50m is 3mm (total hitting surface in standing position is 115mm, prone 45mm) precise, hard click engineered after the requirements of renowned international athletes Larger and very stable spindles guarantee a long service life of the rearsight because there is reduced abrasion A longer flap lever improves ease of use Precisely engineered flap for effective protection against the ingress of snow and water Big knurled windage and elevation knobs allow for concise adjustment also with gloves A scale at the knobs and an orientation line at the body ensures the check of adjustments at any time Lightweight, durable aluminium guarantees weight efficiency during racing and stability upon aim Stable dovetail clamp ensures a secure hold on every popular biathlon rifle
590-L 'Compact' (left-hand) rearsight
The new left-hand version of our most cost-effective rearsight has been modified to provide finer click adjustment of 0.8mm bullet shift at 50 metres and 0.16mm at 10 metres. With the new I.S.S.F. rules in place, the scoring is now by the decimal so the bullet shift per click needs to be as small as possible. There is currently a universal manufacturing shortage of reasonably priced left-hand target rearsights. 590-L was specifically designed to meet these needs and brings you production quality, higher degrees of adjustment, excellent material quality and all together at a very reasonable price. The 590-L is a product we are extremely proud to offer. 590 sales volume tells us this rearsight cannot be beaten! But it is our intention to keep bringing you the very best, every development, whether it be big or small has been done with you in mind. Here at Gehmann we are always striving to produce innovative products at a reasonable price, the 590-L is a perfect example. Manufactured out of top quality solid aluminium Finer click adjustment for more precise sight adjustment Windage knob is mounted on the opposite side to the 590, making sight adjustment easier for left handed shooters Can be used by both the right- and left-hand shooter Attractive, hard wearing, anti-reflection, matt black finish Like the 590 the 590-L has a very short mounting for maximum movement when in use with all sizes of iris Anti-glare tube not included
598-S "Precision" rearsight diopter - silver
Multiple successes with this diopter in Tokyo 2021, for example silver medal and 6th place in the 3-position competition women available again in early 2022 „Backlash“ is defined as the maximum distance or angle through which any part of a mechanical system may be moved in one direction without applying appreciable force or motion to the next part in mechanical sequence i.e. a gap, in the context of a rifle sight, the moving parts which carry the peep hole, to which your iris would be threaded, give rise to positional movement which directly effects the accuracy of each shot. In former times this was mainly caused by tolerances in machining. To make matters worse, the constant adjustment of sights by their nature and recoil of the rifle give way to wear and thus increase the amount of backlash present The new 598S have an innovative new adjustment spindle with internally pressurized springs which make for high precision    sight adjustment and makes the sight completely „Backlash“ free Made from the best possible materials (alloy and stainless steel) which guarantees an ultra light weight and extremely durable rearsight Internal parts are covered in a special anti-friction coating with the use of Molybdenum Disulfide and Teflon Precision machined out of solid aluminium with minimal tolerances on state of the art CNC machines replacing less efficient pressure casting Attractively anodised in a top quality anti-reflective matt silver finish for prolonged weather protection Front and rear threads allow the use of an iris on the rear and an anti-glare tube on the front Precision adjustment gives 1.5mm bullet shift per click at 50m Individually numbered Adjustment: Height: 11mm, side: 10mm
599 'Tower' rearsight
Ultra compact design means a large field of view while in the shooting position to observe wind flags Both-sided windage adjustment knobs ensure comfortable usage for left- or right-handed shooters Strong springs are used to guarantee maximum repetition accuracy per click (Video) Thread tunnel (M9,5x1) enables the shooter to attach any irises and anti-glare tubes or other accessories 20 wear-free balls made of stainless steal inside the adjustment knobs for clear but sensible adjusment Dimension: Length: 46mm Width: 60mm Height: 46mm  The bullet shift per click is:  0.50mm at 10m (distance between rearsight and foresight = 65cms) 0.45mm at 10m (distance between rearsight and foresight = 80cms) 2.70mm at 50m (distance between rearsight and foresight = 65cms) 2.20mm at 50m (distance between rearsight and foresight = 80cms)