205 Junior or disabled training aid
Ideal aid for beginners or younger shooters wishing to get gradually used to the weight of their rifle A lighter weapon facilitates a higher focus on the targeting procedure thus rendering possible better aiming and training results Comes with six removable weights (2 x 500grms, 2 x 360grms, 2 x 140grms) for a personalized, progressive adaptation to the normal weight of your sports weapon in all shooting positions Stainless steel cable runs over wheels and is furnished with a height adjustable spring stop Height adjustable supporting hook for optimum positioning and prevents the rifle striking the base Extremely stable aluminium construction with the proved U-shaped base plate (can therefore be positioned easily and saving space on the firing point between you and the target changer) Removable black plastic feet can be unscrewed for direct assembly on the table surface
225 Gehmann 'SPECIAL'
Angled eyepiece Multi coated lenses Water resistant, rubberised body Adjustable head  20-60 x 80mm zoom Supplied including carry bag
234 Flexible rifle support less base
Can be used as a replacement top section on 273 & 263 Length: 35cms
235 Flexible rifle support with base
Aimed at the disabled, juniors and beginners Supports rifle's fore-end on a pivoting mount I.P.C. approved for SH2 and SH1 shooters Strong spring damping to rifle support bracket Vertical height adjustment up to: 78cms Solid base for greater stability Weight: 1900grms
236 / 238 Vertical extension rod (236) and optional table mount (238)
236: 30cms vertical extension rod 238: Optional table mount: Provides an alternative form of mounting Can be screwed down directly onto a table Rod can be secured in differing positions for height adjustment
240 Gehmann Scope
Angled eyepiece Multi coated lenses Adjustable head 18-54 x 60mm zoom Supplied including a carry bag
263 Gehmann universal 3-P rifle rest
Basically identical in construction to our proved, extremely stable 273 rifle rest, but now even more versatile Infinite adjustment of one of the three tripod legs means that when it comes to a firing point with limited space, you can adjust the third supporting leg to a place where it can still make contact, on a table for example  This new, space-saving version can of course also be used as classical 3-position rest like the 273 Foam rubber padded rest for optimum stock protection Cartridge box holder can be adjusted to suit the cartridge boxes of various manufacturers Height adjustment from: 58 - 167cms Folded length: 55cms Weight: 1990grms
264 Additional rifle rest leg
Used to transform our 273 or any other manufacturers 3-P rifle rest into a 263 by unscrewing and replacing one of the fixed legs Supplied with three insets which are different in diameter to suit
270 Universal scope bracket
Suitable for range or field use Grip clamp gives easy mounting 276 ball and socket joint Telescopic rod gives an adjustable length from 50 to 100cms
273 3-P rifle rest
For resting the rifle between shots Cartridge box may be positioned to suit individual needs Telescopic tubes means stand can be easily packed away for ease of transport Solid tripod base with upgraded clamps and locking bar at the base Height adjustable from: 58 - 167cms Folded length: 55cms Weight: 1950grms
276 Universal ball and socket joint
Allows speedy positioning of your scope on standard threaded bases Supplied with 1/4" and 3/8" thread base
277 Cullmann tripod
Robust, solid-based, coupled to exceptionally strong central column clamp with additional bracing on the legs for even greater stability Vertically extendable to 180cms Supplied with 277K ball and socket joint Quick-release plate is available for use in prone shooting Folded length: 31cms Weight: 1690grms
277K Ball and socket joint
Exceptionally strong universal scope mount with standard thread spigot for attachment of camera and scopes
278 Extension for 274
60cms extension rod for use with 274
279 Wide base tripod
Extra wide extendable legs with internal bracing Extendable central column Adjustable scope bracket with locking handle Maximum extended length: 151cms Collapsed length: 50cms Weight: 1200grms
288 Senior's shooting rest
Designed for the German senior's disciplines with vertical support column and a marked scale carrying a support arm for the rifle to sit on Large, easy to use adjusting wheel for preferred height setting Rigid U-frame base can be permanently installed Lightweight but stable alloy construction Length: 87cms - weight: 3200grms
295 Pack-away 3-P rifle rest
New screw-threaded sectional support tubes Easily assembled and disassembled For resting rifle and cartridge box when shooting 3-P Rock-solid tripod base ensures stability and the rifle's safety Easily transported when disassembled due to its compact size Supplied in compartmentalised zip-up carry bag Height adjustable from: 43 - 154cms Folded length: 40cms Weight: 1900grms
296 Cartridge tray for tripods
Can be easily fitted to different kinds of tube diameters Allows cartridge boxes to be positioned as wanted Soft rubber liner protects bar from marks
297 Universal spotting scope support for 3-P rifle rests
Can be easily attached to different tube diameters Nylon liner protects bar from marks Fully adjustable Supplied with 276 universal ball and socket joint 
298 3-P Gehmann Rest
Extremely lightweight but incredibly robust aluminium construction Synthetic clamps keeps weight to a minimum and prevents marks on the aluminium tubing Weighs only 1440grms Anodized surface Optionally available in black 298, blue 298-B, red 298-R or gold 298-G Rubber coated rifle rest can be screwed in on top or clamped laterally onto the rifle rest tube, therefore enabling the shooter to have the rest in the optimum position Height adjustable cartridge box holder suits different packing sizes Easy, tool-free handling All attachments with ultra strong clamps Quick release lever arms, making adjustments simple and hassle-free for all types of shooters, able-bodied and disabled Height adjustment from 75 to 160cms Rifle rest tubes have laser engraved scales which allows rapid, accurate and repeatable height settings The third, shorter rifle rest leg adapts to uneven / inclined surfaces and is easily adjustable with a set screw Folded length of only 60cms A shoulder bag is included for a safe and comfortable transport  Made in Germany