483 rifle shooting shoe QUICK
Two-zone closure 1st zone: Traditional laces over the instep to allow individual tight or loose lacing. 2nd zone: "Fast Lacing Rollkin System" for an even contraction of the shaft The knob, which is pressed down, allows the shaft to be quickly adapted to the leg by turning it clockwise. This prevents the foot slipping back and forth in the shoe and at the same time increases the stability and firm stand of the shooter. By pulling the button out, the tension is released directly so that the leg can be quickly relieved. The flattened and rubber-covered tip of the foot is used for optimal and safe positioning of the foot during the knee-tilt and thus prevents unwanted movements of the body. The honeycomb profile of the sole has been specially selected to provide an optimum contact surface and thus always ensure a secure grip. Maximum adaptation to the shooter's individual leg is made possible by the buckle on the calf, thus preventing a spongy feeling and wobbling in the shoe. In addition, by opening the buckle, the shooter can reduce uncomfortable pressure on the calf when kneeling. The heel cap is also specially reinforced to provide maximum lateral support when shooting standing. Since the tight lacing puts great forces on the foot, the tongue of the shoe is specially padded, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear during shooting. This allows the shooter to concentrate fully on his performance throughout the entire competition - without being exposed to a feeling of pressure. available in full sizes from 36 to 48 Colour: black-grey material: Shoe: rubber (toe cap), suede, polyurethane (PU) Sole: rubber Product video
484 Micro-mesh lightweight boots 'TEAM'
Mainly black and grey with large breathable mesh panels and a soft, comfortable inner lining Standard front lacing with double velcro-closure straps at rear Micro-mesh material designed to provide maximum comfort I.S.S.F. compliant Nearly seamless junction between sole and upper part of the shoe Whole sizes only from 36 to 49 - refer to our size table
487 Pistol shoe SNEAKER
Designed in cooperation with Olympic shooters Rigid, non-slip rubber sole provides an absolutely stable and comfortable standing position Sneaker design inspired by the latest fashion trends Velcro closure straps crossing over the instep keep the shoe tight and ensure hold Slightly raised rear part relieves the spine even during long periods of standing and distributes body weight optimally Inspired by the shoes that have already been successfully used in elite sports by weightlifters High-quality upper material made of robust and durable polyurethane as well as mesh-fabric in order to absorb sweat and unpleasant odors Ergonomically shaped insole gives best stability and ensures a pleasant feeling while standing concentrated in the shooting position  
489 Gehmann sole clamp
Adjustable footplate to maintain sole flatness Simple toe and heel clip holds the item in position Is easily adjusted and set New design means the 489 can be adjusted to use on any shooting boot even if it has a wedge-shaped sole
490 & 492 Leather kneeling rolls
Use of best quality leather End zip for filling and with leather carry handle Blue, black, red or green 492 is ready filled with cork chips
491 & 493 Vistram kneeling rolls
As 490 but a synthetic material Hard wearing Black only 493 is ready filled with cork chips
494 & 495 Leather kneeling rolls
Leather with elongated rubber strips around the roll Grey-black 495 is ready filled with cork chips
497A Rubber grip pad
With rubber grip A tactile double-sided square pad used to aid kneeling or resting of any equipment needing extra stability whilst shooting