281 'Top-Grip'
95 x 45cm, 2mm thick sheet of 'Top-Grip' rubber for old or worn surfaces and/or use with other garments
282 'Top-Grip'
95 x 95cm, 2mm thick
282-4 'Top-Grip'
95 x 95cm, 4mm thick
424 Braces
35mm wide artificial non-stretch material with open-end loops fixed by sliders Designed not to interfere with the rifle butt plate Pull tags at ends for ease of use Black
424HK Cross-braces
35mm with button fixing leather straps Blue
424K Individual braces
35mm wide with extra strong trouser clips Blue
428 Belt
40mm artificial material belt using double-prong buckle and loose end overlap loop for stability Stepped adjustment holes
429 Buttons
Pierce-through spare black buttons Large for use with jackets made out of aluminium
438 40mm I.S.S.F. claw
Attaches to the sling end and easily located in your swivel
439 Coat hook
Secures a single-point sling in position on any jacket not already equipped with one
486 Button hook
Used on the buttons of your jacket or trousers Hooks around the button's neck in order to pull the button across the garment and through the button hole with a simple twist
488 Cottonfix
Canvas stiffening agent designed to restore rigidity in garments 200ml