780 Double-layer eyeshields
Simply pushed on to your 1" rearsight iris or disc and held by the eyeshield's rubber cup Can be rotated for perfect position Two layers of translucent or black material give two levels of opacity 780W translucent 780S black Add 'L' for left-hand or 'R' for right-hand shooter
780W-N & 780S-N I.S.S.F. eyeshields
30mm translucent or black eyeshield on a push-fit mount Can be rotated for perfect position Fits standard 1" irises or discs 780W-N translucent 780S-N black
781 Eyeshield
Has a rubber collar sized to fit your iris thread A broader eyeshield for those wanting more cover Translucent only
781-N & 781S-N I.S.S.F. eyeshields
30mm translucent or black eyeshield held in position by its rubber collar which fits around the thread or lock collar of your iris 781-N translucent 781S-N black
804 Stick-on eyeshield
Durable stick-on eyeshield for all well-known rearsight irises Attachable and removable at any time Lightweight Consists of only two parts Simple construction Fits all 9 to 12mms screw-in threads with locking nut   Special feature: easy to attach on a headband for covering the non-aiming eye DSB and I.S.S.F. compliant Suitable for right- and left-hand shooters
805-W & 805-S Rubber eyecup and eyeshield combined
Easily pushed on to the standard 1“ iris or disc Can be rotated for perfect position Translucent white or solid black I.S.S.F. eyeshields Rubber eye cap is comfortable to use and extremely suitable for full-bore use 805-W translucent 805-S black
806 Rubber eyecup
Soft concertina style Easily pressed on to your standard 1“ iris or peepdisc