HW40PCA Weihrauch air pistol model 40 PCA
40.PCA- with glass-fiber optics Precision air pistol in modern design Craftmanship Made in Germany Recoilless action at an entry level price point Single stroke pneumatic Quiet and smooth Very good balanced Precision two stage trigger Fiber-optic sights Micrometer sight adjustable for windage and elevation Dovetail rail for scope use Automatically operated safety lever Pistol grip fits for right- and left-handed shooters Consistent velocity V0 = 122 m/s, ready for 10 m target shooting
HW44 Weihrauch air pistol model 44
New pre-charged air pistol with excellent accuracy, vibration-free shot release, 10-shot magazine capacity Air cylinder 200 bar incl. manometer and quick-fill adaptor
HW45 Weihrauch air pistol model 45
Very powerful with unique two-power cocking system Full length top pistol scope rail Ambidextrous grip Fiber-optic sights
HW75 Weihrauch air pistol model 75
Single stroke pneumatic Absolutely recoilless, allround training pistol, dry firing mechanism and sport grip, ambidextrous