164 SCATT USB Professional 10m
For rifle and pistol with or without ammunition Includes weapon sensor, target holder and software Precise analysis for exact and averaging information All information can be displayed on screen Uses infra-red sensors for highest precision Options include pulse or trigger sensor Software compatible with Windows 98 and later 164-W as 164 - wireless 164-B as 164 - for Biathlon 164-BW as 164 - for Biathlon, wireless
718-XB Gyro-Twister X beam
Same as 717, but larger and heavier for a greater muscle tone and for bigger more muscular shooters A super-exerciser with kaleidoscopic light effect Equivalent torque of 17 kgs at 14,000rpm Supplied with two quick-start pull-cord
162 SCATT Basic
SCATT Basic SCATT Basic - is the newest, and least expensive model among all SCATT training systems Designed to be a great training tool for juniors, beginners, and mid-level shooters who want to take the smartest route to improve their scores and shooting technique Capable of working inside and outside, supports both dry-fire and live-fire training Able to train by simply using a paper target or a standard target installation (i.e. SIUS)  In live-fire training you don’t have to worry about damaging the expensive device Weight: 29 grms, therefore does not offset the balance of the weapon Distance: 10, 25 and 50 meter, events for 10, 25 and 50 meter SCATT MX-T02V2 Optical Sensor – (model: MX-T02V2) mounted on a gun and connected to the USB port of your PC Sensor registers with high precision all movements of your weapon during aiming and at the moment of the shot (trigger release) SCATT software allows automatic calibration of the sensor in relations to the gun’s sighting axis, so there is no need to make any adjustments to the weapon’s sights Sensor also automatically compensates for the gun’s canting Diaphragm MX-T02V2 Iris diaphragm — this part mounted on the lens for outdoor practice with strong sunlight conditions Mounting parts set for SCATT MX-02 Mounting kit for the optical sensor — includes allen key, mounting prism with adjusting and metal strip with screw that are used for fixing the sensor on the barrel of different diameters and cross sections USB A-mini B cable optical sensor’s interface cable — used to connect the optical sensor to USB port of your computer, has a length of 3m Software — the simulator is equipped with a new, cross-platform SCATT Basic software that has a user-friendly interface and contains only the most essential features for training and analysis Additional equipment (not included in basic kit) Fasteners (to secure optical sensor on the gun) SCATT MX-series carrying bag Supported targets: 10m Air Pistol target, 10m Air Rifle target 25m Pricision and 50m Pistol target 50m Rifle target 50ft NRA/USA50 Rifle target 50ft NRA Official smallbore rifle 4 position (NRA A-17) 50yds NRA official smallbore rifle target prone (NRA A-27) 50ft NRA (NRA B-2) 50yds NRA B-6 pistol .22cal. 25yds Official target slow fire (NRA B-16)
160 SCATT MX-02 Universal
System suitable for dry and live firing Due to its high grade construction it can be used inside and outside System works with all conventional targets as well as electronic scoring targets Supplied with optical sensor for 10, 25 & 50 metres
717 Gyro-Twister
A dynamic ball requiring constant rhythmic gyrations to perpetuate the spinning ball - thus generating muscle tone and growth in the shooter's wrists and forearms Lightweight, for use anywhere, any time Equivalent torque of 15 kgs and 10,000rpm With quick-start pull-cord
712 Hand strengthening exerciser
Hand exerciser, sprung hand grip deluxe, silver/black The ideal hand and arm strengthening exerciser Force setting infinitely adjustable from 10 – 40 kilopond to suit your individual needs Non-slip comfortable hand grip to ensure safe handling Change the side according to specific workout or use two hand strengthening exercisers contemporaneously