132-136 Plug scoring gauges
All plugs meet I.S.S.F.rules regarding diameter Magnification assists the marker with easier judgement Outward scoring is available for air rifle and air pistol and the inner ten gauge for air pistol only Sprung handle avoid tearing shot holes Magnified: 132 for .177/4.5mm inward  133 for .22l.r./5.5mm inward  133P32 for .32 inward  133P38 for .38 inward  133P45 for .45 inward  132NLG outward - for air rifle 132NLP outward - for air pistol   Without magnifier: 135 for .177/4.5mm inward  136-22 for .22l.r./5.5mm inward  136-32 for .32 inward  136-38 for .38 inward  136-45 for .45 inward  135NLG outward - for air rifle 134NLP outward - for air pistol 134LP-IT air pistol - inner 10
138 .22lr rim thickness gauge
Measures .22 lr rounds Rounds are placed in a hole and the gauge moved until it stops Once gauged the round is placed with others of the same mark Once batched, rounds have identical head-space and therefore be held in the breech in an identical position prior to firing - immediately improving each batches' ballistic consistency This critical process is necessary to improve scores by paying greater attention to the smallest detail - sometimes a simple rule even forgotten by the best
139 Boxed set of plug scoring gauges
A wooden box with foam-lined lid contains a complete set of magnified and unmagnified plug gauges in the calibres: .177, .22, .32, .38, .45 plus outward for air rifle and air pistol; 134LP-IT not included All to I.S.S.F. rules regarding plug diameter
140 Boxed set of unmagnified gauges
Wood box with foam-lined lid for storing and protecting all unmagnified gauges Same gauge sizes as above
141 Scoring gauge with illuminated reticle
Handy sized magnifier with bright LED illumination 5x magnification 72mm field of view with crystal clear imaging Solid aluminium housing New, clearly arranged laser engraved reticle out of acrylic glass Extremely accurate and a long service life For optical analysis of all current calibers
156 DISAG 'RM IV' target scoring machine
Scores up to 20 x 20cms air rifle, air pistol, 50m small-bore, running target, gallery rifle and 10m rapid-fire turning targets with automatic target printing of the scores Lightweight modern design Multi-lingual display and user-friendly menu PC compatible, RS-232 port or USB 110 V / 60 Hz option is available
172 BMC 19 Velocity gauge
Our latest ballistic chronograph is reliable, highly accurate and easy to use Comes with wireless LAN, can be shut off if necessary and has a 30m range High-precision digital infra-red light barrier to suit all lighting conditions Remote control and software allow light barrier modification to each calibre individually µSD card for high storage capacity Measuring range: 85 - 1400m/s Accuracy: approx. +/- 1 % of display value Calibre range: 4.5 - 12.7mm Other models on request, e.g. BMC 31
730 Illuminated magnification lens
Same as 142 but without the scoring screen and for critical examination of unclear plug scoring gauges
735 1500grms weight set
Short 500grms bar supplied with 1 x 140, 1 x 360 & 1 x extra 500grms weight giving 1500grms total weight Matt black blued
736 Prone rifle arm angle gauge - I.S.S.F.
Plastic angle gauge for prone position Measures angle of fore-arm to the ground to check it is not too shallow as required under I.S.S.F. rules I.S.S.F. rule:
737 Jacket button distance gauge - I.S.S.F.
Alloy plate to measure the distance from the button to the edge of jacket I.S.S.F. rule:
746LK & 746LG Foresight covers
746LK leather - for standard size foresights 746LG leather - for higher profile foresights
750-1000K Gehmann trigger weight testers
Short rod with one 500grms weight plus: 1 x 500grms
750-1360K Gehmann trigger weight testers
For pistols, short rod with one 500grms weight plus: 1 x 360 & 1 x 500grms
750-1500 Gehmann trigger weight testers
For all weapons, a long rod fitted with a 500grms weight plus: 1 x 140, 1 x 360 and 1 x 500grms
750-500 Gehmann trigger weight testers
For moving target rifle A long rod with one 500grms weight
750-500K Gehmann trigger weight testers
For air pistol, short rod with one 500grms weight
751 Gehmann individual weights
Individual weights 140, 360 and 500grms
752-S Jacket button distance gauge - I.S.S.F.
Measures correct button distance with ram pressure Provides exact distance from button to edge of jacket Results are easily readable on a clear scale I.S.S.F. rule:
753 I.S.S.F. sole stiffness gauge
Manufactured for testing to the latest I.S.S.F. standard For measuring the stiffness of the sole of shooting shoe or boot The result appears on the LCD display - easy to use by any referee Stable carry box protects equipment in transport I.S.S.F. rule 6.5.3
755-T I.S.S.F. clothing thickness gauge
Measures thickness of materials to ensure no extra support is used to gain advantage over fellow competitors Results appear on the LCD display Supplied in a rigid case I.S.S.F. rule: 6.5.1
756 I.S.S.F. boot gauge
Manufactured itself to I.S.S.F. standard For measuring the sole length to height ratio and sole thickness in accordance with I.S.S.F. rule A boot is inserted under the sole clamps and the end-stop adjusted for sole length, automatically showing vertical data through a plexi-glass plate - at the same time a vertical test passes down inside the boot to measure sole thickness Supplied in a stable carry case
757-N I.S.S.F. clothing rigidity gauge
Manufactured for testing to the latest I.S.S.F. rules Applies pressure to a seamless area of material An electronic sensor situated under the material and shows if the material does not conform to the rules - the result appears on a LCD display Automatic zero reset after every reading Auto cut-off after one minute to conserve power Extremely rigid case protects equipment in transport I.S.S.F. rule: 6.5.2
758 I.S.S.F. .22 lr pistol sizing box
Solid aluminium box with a perspex lid For gauging live-round pistols in accordance with I.S.S.F. rule: 8.12
759 I.S.S.F. air pistol sizing box
For testing air pistols overall size in accordance with I.S.S.F. rule: 8.12 Solid aluminium box with a clear perspex lid
760 VFG cleaning felts, adaptors and rods
A full VFG range of cleaning rods and shoot-through felts (please have a look at our price list) With suitable adaptors for VFG rods, Parker-Hale etc. Available for use in all calibres of weapons in large or small quantities so please enquire
782 Pull-through cord and wicks
Suitable for rifles or pistols in all calibres Replacement wicks are available (784) Very quick and easy to use Lightweight and easily transported
820 Gehmann test machine - rifle
A recoil absorbing precision rifle test bed for rifles - this is a new design to further improve stability and give absolutely accurate results Rifles in their stocks are clamped both at butt and fore-end and firmly gripped by wide soft pads designed to eliminate stock damage Various possibilities of positioning the clamps ensure that all different kinds of stock shapes can easily be fixed Travel of the bed is along bushed rods housing spiral springs to the rear of the equipment to absorb recoil on calibres up to .243 Win. Big bore calibres up to 8 x 57 can be accomodated, but need 828 adaptor frame which is extra Two transverse springs at the front give lateral centralisation before and after firing Used by ammunition and weapons firms, national teams and specialized dealers optional add-on: 821 Gehmann rifle test rig
821 Pistol and revolver adaptor
A rubberised easy to handle and stable adaptor frame for 820 to allow precision testing of all well known sporting handguns from air-pistols to revolvers Designed to be used on 820
828 Large calibre adaptor
Two strong handles and six adjusters with rubber plates allows easy testing of rifles up to 8 x 57 calibre Designed to be used on 820
890 Trigger weight test gauge
Hand-held gauges with clear black needle which abuts a red drag indicator to show your final reading Red drag indicator can be easily reset Range: 25 - 250grms
908LG, 908LP 'Barrel-clear' indicators
A red fibre indicator slid into the barrel for its whole length to demonstrate the barrel is clear and the whole range environment totally safe Material will not damage any manufacturers rifle or pistol 908LG air rifle 908LP air pistol