403 Double canvas jacket model 'STANDARD'
  • This popular jacket now incorporates 'Amara' non-tear material for supple, yet strong support across the upper back, upper inside arms and on the top chest strap
  • Patented soft, seamless inside fore-arm material and patented button loops provide terrific value-for-money, making this jacket extremely suitable for entry-level and/or club shooters wanting proper support without the expense of a top end jacket used by an international shooter
  • Mainly constructed using double canvas
  • Pierce-through aluminium buttons enable simple adjustment in order to gain a precise fit
  • Very dark blue, black and white
  • Not available made-to-measure
  • Outer material: 80% Cotton, 20% Amara
  • Inner material: 100% Cotton
  • Surface material: Rubber Grip

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