Made in Germany

536 Ring-thickening iris 'Two-in-One'
  • Patented irises using one end of the foresight only
  • Quick and simple to adjust your sight picture
  • Inside iris housing are two separate irises which can be individually adjusted for inner ring diameter and thickness
  • Improves consistency of aim point
  • M.18 but can be used M.22 with our collar 538
  • Note: To comply with the I.S.S.F. rule limiting foresight length at 50mm our cylinder 539 must replace the standard tunnel used on the Anschütz 6832 foresight
  • 539 is included free with 535A, 536A and 537A
  • Two separate irises incorporated inside to adjust the ring thickness
    • 1. Inner ring diameter: 2.4 - 4.4mm
    • 2. Outer ring diameter: 7.0 - 9.0mm

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