404R Canvas and leather jacket for ladies model 'TRICOLOUR'
  • As 404 but trimmed red for the female shooter
  • Deliberately matched as 'him & her' outfits
  • Only smaller ladies sizes available
  • Cut to maximize support and comfort in all positions but specifically tailored for the female shape
  • Pierce-through alloy buttons enable personalising a perfect fit
  • Over-the-shoulder straps remove tucks on the shoulder pad
  • Adjustable sling strap with a hook designed to match our slings
  • Anti-slip rubber on elbows ensures a stable position
  • Suede front panel supports your elbow pad when standing
  • Outer jacket material: 50% Leather, 50% Cotton
  • Inner material: 100% Cotton
  • Surface material: Rubber Grip
  • Not available made-to-measure

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