Made in Germany

401 Canvas jacket model 'PRO'
  • Soft stretch material under-arm, inside elbow and inner sleeve for improved comfort
  • Patented cut to upper arm and chest eliminates material tucks and avoids interference with the stock
  • Double canvas guarantees long-lasting rigidity
  • Inner canvas gives additional rigidity but remains comfortable for three-position
  • The sling loop locates precise height, angle and comes with three choices of sling attachment:
    1. Using hook through sling‘s cut-out
    2. Sling resting inside the sling loop
    3. Sling resting in the hook itself
  • Outer jacket material: 60% Cotton, 40% Leather
  • Inner material: 100% Cotton
  • Surface material: 'Top-Grip' rubber
  • We will supply any colour combination of your choice - firm order only!
    • Options are: brown, beige, green, yellow, red, navy, light blue, grey, black and white
  • Available made-to-measure

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