Made in Germany

560 Gehmann Superfilter AOS MicroSight TM
  • The human eye cannot focus on objects near and far at the same time, subsequently when you look through your sights, you can only focus on just the foresight (1) or on the target (2). With this brand new development, the AOS microsight TM enables the shooter to obtain simultaneous sharpness of both foresight and target picture (3)
  • Fits between iris and rearsight
  • Ready threaded internally for the iris to be attached
  • Internal thread stop makes lens damage impossible
  • Optimal enhancement achieved where distance from rearsight to foresight is nominally 760mm - the typical standard length between rearsight and foresight on most rifles

Pay attention:

The Gehmann Superfilter AOS MicroSight TM must be reasonably aligned with the front sight. If large movement of the rearsight is required for wind or long range, the rearsight should be aligned with the front sight when in the middle of the range of rearsight adjustment. (This is similar in concept to the 20 MOE scope bases for long range use.)

Closing down the rear iris too far cuts out the dual focus effect. Try aperture settings a little bit larger than usual.

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