MG280 Match-Guns MG4 .32 S & W long

Match Guns assemble their pistols in a dust-free environmentaly clean room to ensure as perfect a product as possible prior to entry - to service with you.

The trigger design is by Cesare Morini whose reputation in the precision target pistol shooting world is already legendary.

This model incorporates the unique characteristic of an under-barrel tubular magazine manufactured from a carbon fibre mix to ensure a slow but steady micrometrical shift in centre of gravity as rounds are used whilst maintaining minimal weight in the overall pistol's design.

  • Mechanical trigger by Cesare Morini
  • Designed to match the MG2 .22lr version
  • Bullet extraction, hammer set and slide return are harmonised to give absolutely minimal recoil to the shooter's hand and arm axis - aiding follow-through
  • Foresight sizes: 3.0, 4.0 & 4.5mm (3.5 standard)
  • Supplied in a rigid case with instructions, tools, spare magazine, cleaning rod and group test card
Model MG4
Calibre .32 S&W Long WC
Length 300mm
Height 140mm
Width 50mm
Weight 950 - 1220grms
Barrel length 152mm
Trigger mechanic

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