820 Gehmann test machine - rifle
  • A recoil absorbing precision rifle test bed for rifles - this is a new design to further improve stability and give absolutely accurate results
  • Rifles in their stocks are clamped both at butt and fore-end and firmly gripped by wide soft pads designed to eliminate stock damage
  • Various possibilities of positioning the clamps ensure that all different kinds of stock shapes can easily be fixed
  • Travel of the bed is along bushed rods housing spiral springs to the rear of the equipment to absorb recoil on calibres up to .243 Win.
  • Big bore calibres up to 8 x 57 can be accomodated, but need 828 adaptor frame which is extra
  • Two transverse springs at the front give lateral centralisation before and after firing
  • Used by ammunition and weapons firms, national teams and specialized dealers

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821 Gehmann rifle test rig

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