MG200 Match-Guns MG2 .22lr standard pistol

The MG2 is constructed using the latest manufacturing technologies allowing the maintenance of consistently tighter tolerances for all components. This new low weight standard pistol was designed and developed by Cesare Morini and can be considered the most innovative in the world.
A series of technical measures have reduced recoil by up to 50% without the use of any heavy counterweights. The MG2 is of an extremely compact design. The combustion chamber is ideally positioned just 60mm from the point of the shooter's hand offering the most support which prevents unwanted lateral and vertical movements of the barrel ensuring rapid realignment of the sights

  • Mechanical trigger with safety pin and dry-fire mechanism 
  • Fitted with the maximum allowable 152mm barrel
  • Harmonised hammer/recoil action through the hand
  • Under-barrel 5-shot tubular magazine
  • Rake-adjustable anatomical walnut grip
  • Side mounted muzzle weights available in alloy or steel
  • Rearsight is adjustable for elevation and windage
  • Foresight sizes: 3.0, 4.0 & 4.5mm (3.5mm standard)
  • Rigid case with instructions, tools, spare magazine etc.
Model MG2
Calibre .22 lr
Length 300mm
Height 140mm
Width 50mm
Weight 880 - 1150grms
Barrel length 152mm
Trigger mechanic

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