New Product Made in Germany

590-B Biathlon-Rearsight
  • Spring-assisted vertical and lateral adjustment ensures accurate repetitions and higher shock resistance
  • 0.04mm adjustment range per click (0.8 incline at 20 clicks) to suit the needs of a biathlete
  • Bullet shift per click at 50m is 3mm (total hitting surface in standing position is 115mm, prone 45mm)
  • precise, hard click engineered after the requirements of renowned international athletes
  • Larger and very stable spindles guarantee a long service life of the rearsight because there is reduced abrasion
  • A longer flap lever improves ease of use
  • Precisely engineered flap for effective protection against the ingress of snow and water
  • Big knurled windage and elevation knobs allow for concise adjustment also with gloves
  • A scale at the knobs and an orientation line at the body ensures the check of adjustments at any time
  • Lightweight, durable aluminium guarantees weight efficiency during racing and stability upon aim
  • Stable dovetail clamp ensures a secure hold on every popular biathlon rifle

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