New Product Made in Germany

570-579-0 Gehmann 6-colour filter with Iris, diopter 0.0x (50300-0) and cylindrical lens system (579)
  • Complete substitute for shooting glasses through the combination of Gehmann diopter 0.0x (50300-0)
  • And cylindrical lens system (579)
  • The diopter has an adjustment range of +/- 5 dpt. without any form of optical magnification
  • 579 cylindrical lens system allows for the correction of an astigmatism
  • Integrates the 566 rearsight iris, which has 6-colour filters and is adjustable over a range of 0.5 to 3.0mm
  • 566 rearsight iris colours: orange, light green, yellow, medium grey, dark grey and amethyst (purple)
  • Precise fine adjustment possibilities make out of our article 570-579-0 not only a complete substitute
  • For shooting glasses but represent thus even a clearly better choice for achieving best shooting results
  • Thanks to the combination of our Gehmann diopter 0.0x (50300-0) and cylindrical lens system (579)
  • Setup a CLS

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