G+E149320 / G+E149321 / G+E149322 Line raiser 10-28mm, horizontal 15mm
  • Horizontal, 1mm click increments
  • Horizontal adjustability 15mm
  • Scale
  • Height adjustable from 10 - 28mm
  • Spring-return slot nut
  • Universal, fits all 11mm prism
  • Line raiser for:
    • Sight Line raiser (Art. No.: G+E149320)
    • Rearsight raiser (Art. No.: G+E149321)
    • Front sight tunnel raiser (Art. No.: G+E149322)

Also available with Speedlock quick-adjustment:

  • Line raiser with Speedlock for:
    • Sight Line raiser (Art. No.: G+E1493201)
    • Rearsight raiser (Art. No.: G+E1493211)
    • Front sight tunnel raiser (Art. No.: G+E1493221)

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