New Product Made in Germany

839/A/W Gehmann Multi-height sight base set with quick adjustment
  • Individually adjustable aluminium multi-height sight base set 
  • Vertical adjustment from 26.5mm to a maximum of 47.5mm in 1mm increments, starting with 6mm of quick adjustment
  • Supplied with:
    • 4 x sets of packing discs (4 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm, 4 x 4mm, 4 x 8mm)
    • 4 x sets of matching length screws
  • Additional lateral shift of 5 or 10mm 
  • Height quick adjustment without the need of tools 
  • Vertical and horizontal scale to control the settings 
  • Stable steel clamps with spring return mechanism for a firm fit
  • Compact design 
    • 839    Feinwerkbau 
    • 839A  Anschütz 
    • 839W Walther 

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