Made in Germany

555-Z Centering unit for 55559 and 559 (new version) rearsight anti-glare tubes
  • Ideal supplement addition to our anti-glare tube range, featuring external and internal thread (M.18) to accept iris (55552), polariser (55553) or element holder (55546) below
  • Our new 555-Z has been produced to do the same job as 55552 and 55546 when it comes to their ability to be able to move within their mounts but with much more precision when adjusting the height and side
  • Internal thread for attachment of foresight elements 542 and 546 or colour filter 54318 and easy clamping in combination with shortened retaining ring (55518)
  • Adjustment range: height: 4mm, side: 2mm
  • Maximum adjustment track using our element holder (55546) in combination with our movement adaptor (55500): height: 8mm, side: 6mm
  • Accurate lock-in adjustment of height and/or side through knurled setting screws (including screw lock against undesired assembly)
  • Laser engraved scaling for fine tuning of the height and side
  • Manufactured out of aluminium and anodised in matt black to prevent unwanted reflection and/or glare, weight: only 18.5grms, length: 24mm

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