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598 & 598S 'Precision' rearsight

All rearsights suffer from backlash on their threads with use and over time which arose originally due to factory engineering. This allows movement of the moving surfaces carrying the iris thread hole and gives rise to its positional movement which directly affects accuracy at each shot - this is made worse by micrometrical movements induced by the action of the rifle which increases this effect, producing erratic and unwanted scores, this is known as 'Backlash'. The new 598 and 598S have an innovative new adjustment spindle with internal pressure springs which make for high precision sight adjustment and makes the sight completely 'Backlash' free.

  • Made from the best possible materials (alloy and stainless steel) which guarantees ultra light weight and extended durability
  • Internal parts are covered in a special anti-friction coating with the use of Molybdenum Disulfide and Teflon
  • Attractively anodised in a top quality anti-reflective matt silver finish for prolonged weather protection
  • Front and rear threads allow use of an iris on the rear and an anti-glare tube on the front
  • Precision adjustment gives 1.5mm bullet shift per click at 50m
  • Individually numbered
  • Adjustment: Height: 11mm; Side: 10mm
  • 598-S silver
  • 598 attractive matt black

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