Made in Germany

55559 Special rearsight anti-glare tube

2014 sees a brand-new set of interconnecting rearsight tubes designed to build from the front of your rearsight. The use of anti-glare tubes can make achieving the perfect head position difficult due to your head being further away from the rearsight. With the use of 555-Z and 55552 you can adjust the centre line of the rearsight, therefore ensuring your eye line is central to the foresight even if your head isn't.

  • The new design incorporates a fluted neck which enables the tube to be secured to sights such as Anschütz which have their optical tube recessed within the sight body (adaptor needed for Feinwerkbau models)
  • Rotatable & internally threaded far end which enables the tube to be locked into position but still able to be rotated independantly, this means you can then attach all the other elements in series due to that all the components are threaded in the same way and can be added or subtracted from your assembly, length: 57mm

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