205 Junior or disabled training aid
  • Ideal aid for beginners or younger shooters wishing to get gradually used to the weight of their rifle
  • A lighter weapon facilitates a higher focus on the targeting procedure thus rendering possible better aiming and training results
  • Comes with six removable weights (2 x 500grms, 2 x 360grms, 2 x 140grms) for a personalized, progressive adaptation to the normal weight of your sports weapon in all shooting positions
  • Stainless steel cable runs over wheels and is furnished with a height adjustable spring stop
  • Height adjustable supporting hook for optimum positioning and prevents the rifle striking the base
  • Extremely stable aluminium construction with the proved U-shaped base plate (can therefore be positioned easily and saving space on the firing point between you and the target changer)
  • Removable black plastic feet can be unscrewed for direct assembly on the table surface

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