M2850RF Morini CM 22M RF-ALU rapid fire .22 lr
  • Modified for rapid fire
  • A matching family of standard pistols with revolutionary features
  • Uses direct bullet-feed from magazine to breach rather than between magazine lips which can cause rim or bullet-nose damage, misfeeds and subsequent jams
  • Hammer spring tension adjustable by the shooter
  • Can easily be regulated for velocity of any ammunition
  • Lowest sight line of current production small-bore standard pistols
  • Rearsight has adjustments for elevation, windage and the blade cut-out width
  • Complete disassembly made easy by use of only two main screws- one through the grip and one for the frame
  • Manufactured in steel and alloy only - no artificial materials which may cause wear or malfunction problems over time
  • Full range of adjustable walnut grip options available
  • Supplied in a rigid carry case with instructions and tools etc.
CM 22M CM 22M RF-Alu
Calibre .22 lr .22 lr
Length 300mm 300mm
Height 140mm 140mm
Width 50mm 50mm
Weight 1210grms 900grms
Barrel length 130mm 130mm
Sight length 220mm 220mm
Trigger mechanic mechanic

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