W1206 & W1208 GSP Expert .32 S & W long

W1206 & W1208 GSP Expert .32 S & W long
  • Considerable improvement in accuracy because of a new barrel system and a vibration-absorbing plastic sleeve
  • Sights positioned closer to the wrist which reduces aiming errors
  • Ergonomic laminated wood grip, blue / beige
  • Nitro-carbonized breech reduces friction of breech movement even when rapid series are fired
  • Perfect tuning through newly developed recoil absorber
  • Available as right-hand or left-hand version
  • Three different grip sizes for right-handed shooters (for left-hand shooters only size "M")
  • Conversion units available
  • Delivered in plastic carry case with accessories
    • W1206 right-hand     
    • W1208 left-hand