G+E144889 / G+E144890 XRS stock
XRS Aluminium stock For the following 50m and 300m actions: FT300 Standard Rifle single shot FT300 Free Rifle ST200 Standard Rifle single shot ST200 Free Rifle R3 Racer smallbore action R2 Racer smallbore action X Racer smallbore action Racer RWC smallbore action Anschütz 2013 smallbore action Weight: 1.5kg - 1.9kg depending on version Art. No.: G+E144889 RH without Equalizer, stocks manufactured March 2016 or later compatible with e-Trigger G+E1448891 LH without Equalizer G+E144890 RH with Equalizer, stocks manufactured March 2016 or later compatible with e-Trigger G+E1448901 LH with Equalizer
G+E144903 K1 stock
3D-grip and Black II-III
G+E148999 / G+E149000 R3 Racer smallbore action
Action: Bolt action, single shot, right-hand only Reinforced base plate: Steel, stainless coated Full-length 11mm dovetail rail: steel coated Adjustable headspace Gently cartridge insert into the lead bullet through patented cartridge feeder 50° locking; more handling space when action is open Trigger: Mechanical trigger 50-200g (Art. No.: G+E149000) Mini ball bearings, almost frictionless Adjustable trigger position Trigger rail can be turned 180° Simple to adjust, high-performance trigger e-Trigger 50-200g (Art. No.: G+E148999) With dry-firing connector Barrel: efficient bedding stainless precision barrel Caliber: .22 long rifle Weight: approx. 3.2kg Included in delivery: Sight-line extension VLV short Cleaning rod guide Ejector kit Cartridge feeder Touch trigger blade
G+E159530 / G+E159531 FT300 Standard
Action: bolt action single shot, right-hand or left-hand version RH / LH Trigger: 1.5kg two-stage trigger Barrel: CU rifled precision barrel Caliber: 6mm BR / 6x47 SM / 6XC / .243 Win / 6.5x47 Lapua / 6.5x55 / 7mm Rem 08 / 7.5x55 Swiss / .308 Win Stock: Hybrid 3000, RS or XRS aluminium stock Buttplate: XT10 Sight set: GRAND PRIX swivelling rearsight Weight: depending on accessories, approx. 5.2kg Available with these stocks: Art. No.: G+E159530 RH with RS aluminium stock, cheekpiece Black I G+E159531 LH with RS aluminium stock, cheekpiece Black I G+E159540 RH with XRS aluminium stock G+E159541 LH with XRS aluminium stock G+E159930 RH with Hybrid 3000 stock, cheekpiece Black I
G+E159680 R3 Racer K1
R3 Racer K1 Weight: 5.4kg Action: Repetierer R3 Racer Barrel: Stainless precision barrel Stock: K1 aluminium stock Sights: GRAND PRIX swivelling rearsight, incl. M18 front sight tunnel Buttplate: Xtreme XT FH5