330, 335 & 332 Knobloch frames
All Knobloch frames are suitable for standard iris, eyeshield and polarised filter accessories and are supplied with lens holder and case 330 K2 model: has non-adjustable nose-bridge - left-hand shooters please order 330L (image 1) 335 K3 model: for juniors - 37mm lens holder (image 2) 332-23 K1 model: with 23mm lens holder and height adjustable nose-bridge 332-37 K1 model: with 37mm lens holder and height adjustable nose-bridge (image 3) 332 with optional parts (image 4)
334 K5 frame
K5 model: the K5 is a special pair of shooting glasses for two handed shooting, for large caliber, trap and skeet. They have an adjustable nose piece and can therefore be placed very high, so that with trap andskeet shooting for example, the glasses don’t come into contact with the gun
338T-PRO/338W-PRO/338S-PRO Clip-on sideshields
For shooting frames Unique adjustable: Length-adjustable (setting range aprox. 40mm) Height-adjustable (setting range aprox. 35mm) Sides-adjustable (setting range aprox. 20mm) Available in different colours: transparent, white or black
339S-N, 339T-N & 339W-N I.S.S.F. 30mm flip-up eyeshields for Knobloch frames
Complete with mount 367 339S-N black 339T-N translucent 339W-N white
340 & 340-K Clip-on irises for shooting frames
Clip directly on to lens holder 340: 37mm fitting 340-K: 23mm fitting
340-T Clip-on iris for shooting frames
37mm clip-on iris With translucent mount
344 & 344-K Centering devices
Push on to your lens holder to assist alignment 344: 37mm fitting 344-K: 23mm fitting
351-23 & 352-37 Clip-on polariser & colour filter
Filter can be used with a clip-on filter holder Following options of filter are available in both diameters: Yellow, orange, amethyst, green, brown, light grey, plus a non adjustable polarising lens 351-23: ø 23mm 352-37: ø 37mm
352T23 & 352T37 Clip-on filter holder
Clip-on filter housing for 351-23 or 352-37 The housing clips over the lens holder and then the lenses clip into the holder 351T23: 23mm 352T37: 37mm
354, 342/23, 342/23GK & 342/37P Lens holders
Includes 367 clamp 354: 23mm holder with optimum adjustment (image 1) 342/23: 23mm (image 2) 342/23GK: 23mm with stepped shaft (image 3) 342/37P: 37mm for accessory mounting (image 4)
367 & 367-S Crossbar mounts
367: for accessories or lens holder 367-S: for two accessories at once