MG-H100 Match-Guns MGH1 HYBRID

MG-H100 Match-Guns MGH1 HYBRID
  • Revolutionary trigger which can be switched to either electrical or mechanical mode with optional adjustment of trigger settings for both
  • In the event of full battery discharge the electrical system automatically switches to mechanical
  • Dry-fire mechanism
  • Easy battery change with magnetic cover eliminates tools
  • Trigger blade position adjustable in all directions
  • Inlet valve and loading port are absolutely adjacent giving 35% reduction in action time
  • Reduced air consumption so more shots per cylinder
  • Pellet loading chamber delivers the pellet to the barrel precisely, eliminating potential pellet damage thus improving scores
  • New muzzle compensator eliminates air turbulance upon shot release and subsequent recoil
  • Front carbon fibre stabiliser bar with adjustable steel weights is easily attached to the action (extra)
  • Supplied with two 200 bar cylinders with end-gauge which give 200 shots per fill
  • Fully adjustable in all directions Cesare Morini anatomical walnut grip in different sizes for left- or right-hand
  • Interchangeable foresight blades: Standard 4.5mm foresight - or 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 & 5.5mm (extra)
  • Cased with adaptor, tools, instructions, battery and group test card
Model MGH1 Hybrid
Calibre 4.5mm/.177
Length 420mm
Height 200mm
Width 50mm
Weight 980 - 1100grms
Barrel length 240mm
Sight length 340 - 380mm
Trigger electronic / mechanic