M2700 & M2700-L Morini CM 84E .22lr free pistol

M2700 & M2700-L Morini CM 84E .22lr free pistol
  • Electronic mechanism gives minimal lock-time from time of trigger release to firing
  • Ball and socket pivot points give friction-free action
  • Accidental discharge or possible sear jump is protected by a light-beam sensor spanning the trigger guard. Not until the finger is correctly positioned on the trigger, the circuit can open for trigger release
  • Trigger pressure variable but factory set at 0-22grms
  • Supplied with two optional pressure springs for 22-160grms and 160-300grms
  • Dry-fire is possible
  • Battery life gives approximately 5000 shots
  • Morini wrap-around anatomical grip: right- or left-hand
  • Lothar Walther precision barrel
  • Micro adjustable rearsight
  • 5.0mm foresight is standard
  • Available options: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.5 & 6.0mm (all are extra)
  • In a rigid carry case with instructions, tools, cleaning rod and guarantee etc.

CM 84E

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CM 84E-Light

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Calibre .22 lr .22 lr
Length 495mm 495mm
Height 150mm 150mm
Width 70mm 70mm
Weight 1240grms 1175grms
Barrel length 290mm 290mm
Sight length 330-425mm 330-425mm
Trigger electronic electronic