G100 GP-1 Match pre-charged air-pistol

G100 GP-1 Match pre-charged air-pistol
  • Exclusively for Gehmann designed pre-charged match air-pistol
  • Complete new regulator makes the velocity extremely consistent and easily maintained
  • Newly developed inlet valve sits directly behind the loading port giving the shortest possible path for the air to need to travel thus giving an incredibly short action time
  • Improved air consumption - more shots per fill
  • Grip sizes:
    • S - M - L
    • XS and XL (firm order)
  • Optimum balance achieved with use of G130
  • Cocking lever can be fitted to either side of the pistol for left- or right-handed operation
  • Easy-load pellet feed
  • Detachable cylinder with end-gauge
  • Fully adjustable anatomical walnut grips available in small, medium or large left- or right-hand - but also available to order in extra-small or extra-large
  • Rake adjustable for both angle and offset
  • Trigger mechanism adjustable in all senses
  • New dry-fire mechanism
  • Rearsight adjustable for elevation, width and blade cut-out
  • New muzzle compensator eliminates air turbulance upon shot release and subsequent recoil
  • Interchangeable foresight blades:
  • Standard 4.5mm foresight - or 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 & 5.5mm (extra)
  • Cased with adaptor, tools, instructions and test group
Calibre: 4.5mm/.177
Length: 415mm
Height: 190mm
Width: 49mm
Weight: 930grms
Barrel length: 240mm
Sight length: 335 - 380mm
Trigger: mechanic