F690 Feinwerkbau P 8X pre-charged air pistol

F690 Feinwerkbau P 8X pre-charged air pistol
  • Anatomical designed 3D-Grip made of nutwood (pivoted by 20°, twistable by 9°) with adjustable hand rest, available in various grip sizes
  • Vario trigger-shoe made of steel, adjustable threedimensionally and up to 4mm adjustable in height
  • Adjustment of rearsight via coarse and vernier adjustment
  • Equipped with a block front sight 4,2mm as standard - As special accessories we offer front sights with width from 3,6 to 5,1mm as well as raised frontsights
  • Included in delivery: 4 additional movable weights, 15g each for adaption of the balance point
  • Sight line continuously adjustable in length (rear sight and front sight) [re-adjustment of the rear sight not necessary when shifting the sight line!]
  • Now available with plywood grip orange