130-100 Full-bore target changer

130-100 Full-bore target changer
  • For 230V (110V / 60 Hz available without surcharge)
  • Self-contained unit with 55m of cable (100 yards needs extra)
  • With one shooter control with forward and reverse target movement
  • Has a single stainless steel electric drive situated above the target which easily removed for maintenance and is electrical standards compliant (please note: cannot be retro-fitted to earlier models)
  • The drive guarantees first target use - eliminating loss
  • External casing with improved powder-coating for longer weatherproofing
  • 3mm back-stop deflector plate is now of higher wear-resistant steel
  • A pull-handle allows spent rounds to drop from collector into your disposer
  • Bullseye height 72cms from ground
  • Dimensions: 124 x 66.5 x 42cms
  • Weight: 76 kgs
  • Can be used for 50 metre rifle with 126-50 guide plate
  • Without bullet trap for larger calibres