S729 Steyr LG110 MATCH
  • Aluminium stock with standard fore-end rail for accessories
  • Unique Steyr stabiliser system brings recoil to zero
  • Fully adjustable butt, grip and cheek piece
  • Sleeved barrel weights for balance
  • Silver cylinder with end-gauge - blue cylinder is available, for minimum of 450 shots per fill
  • Fully adjustable fore-end support is detachable
  • Grip sizes: right-hand S, M or L - left-hand M
  • Sights include M22mm foresight
  • Dry fire system
  • Cased with sights using a 22mm foresight, tools etc.
    • S729 Steyr LG110 Match Connect 
      • As above with take-down stock for easy transport
    • S720 Steyr LG110 Light (image 2) 
      • Same as LG110 Match but only 4.3 kgs 

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