W1285 Small bore KK300 Alutec Rest

The Walther precision small- bore rifle is now also available as bench rest version for senior marksmen with blue/beige or silver/grey wood colors

With new “Quick 3P” butt assembly

Enables with different butt assemblies (optional extra) to replicate easily and quickly your setup from prone to standing etc.

  • Basic weight 5960grms
  • Extremely smooth bolt handling
  • New completely revised trigger for rapid firing
  • Weight adjustment from 50 - 130grms
  • Direct trigger is possible
  • Individually adjustable aluminium stock
  • New grip mounting ensures a safe grip position
  • Three different grip sizes, same shape as with LG300 Alutec
  • With fore-end for bench rest shooting
  • Contact III butt-plate
  • Foresight holder and competition sight included

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